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Vampire Cop (The Vampire Legacy, Book One)

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  The crime scene of the first murder was at a cemetery. Crossing inside, there is an iron gate with an iron fence around the cemetery. In the center was a large statue of an Angel. With head bowed and wings tucked close, the Angel appeared to be praying. In the far back, behind the iron fence is a wooded area with a clearing off to the right. The back half was filled with old and forgotten graves while the front had newer graves. Some had flowers placed neatly in front. Around one of the newest graves, fresh flowers were scattered around the site. This is where the first victim was found. Her car is still parked to the right of the graves.

  When we approached the scene we were told the victim’s body had already been taken to the morgue. We were also informed there were pieces of fabric that didn’t match the victim’s clothes found around the grave. They had sent it to the lab for testing. They had also found out from the M.E. there were traces of semen found on the body. Which means the victim was likely raped. And yes, before you become too surprised, vamps do have desires such as sex. We are more like humans than we are given credit for.

  With this new information, Davis and I decided to have an early lunch, seeing as neither of us had breakfast, unless you count the half eaten Danish Davis had. That’s a downside of the job. We’ll be lucky if we get lunch before we get called off to another crime or we have to stop some fool driving like a dumbass. There’s nothing like an unfinished lunch thrown in the trash when you’re still hungry.

  We stopped at the local sub shop and after we ordered our meals, Davis had to ask the question I knew was coming. “Anderson, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Who do you feed from?”

  “Do you remember Courtney?”

  “Cute girl you grew up with; the one Mark is dating?”

  “Yeah, that’s her. She lets me feed from her. And yes, Mark knows. He’s cool with it. If I really need to feed and Courtney isn’t around then he’ll let me. We try not to because it’s just weird. You and those two are the only ones who know.”

  We ate the remainder of our lunch talking about this and that; staying away from the subject of vampires. I knew he had more questions but he was respectful enough to hold off and change the subject. We both knew this was going to be a long day. And how ever many after today it takes us to solve this were going to be just as long. There would be plenty of time for him to find out what he wanted to know.

  After lunch we decided to go down to the lab to check on the fabric and DNA that was found. But like always, another call came in for a domestic fight.

  We arrived at the address for the call to find a woman standing in the front yard in nothing but her underclothes. I looked over at Davis and he had the same look on his face that I felt on mine. This wasn’t going to be fun. Stepping out of the car we began to walk over to the woman. Her red hair had been pulled up into a French twist and a few strands had fallen loose.

  “Ma’am, I’m Deputy Anderson and this is Lieutenant Davis. Can you tell us what’s going on?” Her back was to us but when she turned around we were left speechless. A bruise had started to form around one of her green eyes. Her lip had been busted on the right side making her weak smile look sad.

  “He threw me out because I didn’t cook his lunch the way he wanted it.” Tears ran down her face and over the light freckles that spotted her cheeks. “He snatched my robe off as he pushed me out the door. I was trying to get ready for work.”

  “Ma’am, if you will walk over to the car with Lieutenant Davis, he will get you something to cover up with and I’ll go talk to your husband.” Even after ten years of dealing with abused wives, it still pushes me beyond pissed. I’ll never understand why a man thinks he needs to hit a woman.

  As I walk to the door, Davis opens the trunk and gives the woman a blanket to wrap around herself and opens the back door for her to sit while he asks her some questions. She also refused medical help.

  At the door, I was greeted by a man I knew all too well. I had already arrested him for beating a different woman. He was well known throughout the department for this reason. I figured since he’s out of jail he must be on probation. Looks like I’ll be arresting him for assault and violation of probation. In this state, law enforcement presses charges for domestic violence.

  “Chet, I’m assuming you know this means you go back to jail.” I stated this as I reached for my handcuffs. His shaggy black hair hung down into his eyes. Even though he was only in his late twenties, the booze and drugs made him look much older than I am. His dark brown eyes looked hollow as I reached for his wrist to put the cuffs on.

  “Well worth it. She should know by now grilled cheese should be crispy not soggy and soup should be warm not cold.” I was really wishing I could knock that cocky grin off his face but, I wasn’t going to give him the pleasure of seeing me go to jail.

  While I was reading him his rights, a car pulled into the driveway. I walked him out to the car to find Davis had called the woman’s sister to come and get her. Davis had to catch the fiery red haired woman that was no taller than five foot as she ran by him headed for Chet. I’ll bet she was trying to do just what I wanted to do. And it’s a good thing Davis was there. I really didn’t want to have to take the woman’s sister in, too.

  After taking Chet to booking so he could be processed and put in jail until the bond hearing, we headed over to the lab. Nothing proved to be useful. Shit, just as I thought, a dead end. This is not starting out easily. Just makes more and harder work for us.

  We left the lab and went to look at the other victim. She too was blonde. She was in her early twenties and had an athletic shape. If she had been standing she would have been close to my height.

  I got a good look at the bite mark. Something didn’t look right with it. I asked for a close up picture of it so I could refer back to it later this evening, after I had gone to the gym to clear my mind. And to top it off, there was no semen and no other signs of rape from the second victim. Which meant this freak was working on a whim. Disappointed, we left the morgue.

  We spent the rest of the day in my office going over the evidence again. Nothing, and I mean nothing, made sense to me. Everything was pointing to what humans believed as vampires, when really it was pointing to anything but a vamp.

  My headache was starting to come back when Adams knocked on my door. I know this sounds rude but to describe him I’d have to say he looks like the high school nerd that hangs out with the cool group just to keep from getting his ass kicked on a daily bases. “Boss, I’m getting ready to leave for the day, do you need anything, sir?”

  “No thanks. Have a good evening.” It’s just like I said, an ass kisser.

  Davis and I decided to give it a rest for the day. We had already stayed three hours late and had come up with nothing. Maybe working with a rested mind would get us somewhere. Doubt it.

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