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The Diary of a Side Chick 6 (SCD)

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The Diary of a Side Chick 6 (SCD)

  The Diary of a Side Chick 6

  A Naptown Hood Drama

  Tamicka Higgins

  © 2015


  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and events are all fictitious for the reader’s pleasure. Any similarities to real people, places, events, living or dead are all coincidental.

  This book contains sexually explicit content that is intended for ADULTS ONLY (+18).

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  Author’s Note

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  Chapter 1

  Embarrassment and humiliation can take its toll on just about anyone. However, these two terrible feelings will really affect someone who has already had to deal with hard times. When Desirae ran back into her mother’s house, after taking the naked beating in the front yard from Greg’s wife, Veronica, her heart pounded. She held her chest all the way up the steps, across the porch, and in through the front door. Once inside of her mother’s living room – the very doorway that was next to where she’d been on her knees for Greg – Desirae quickly slammed the door shut. There she was, alone in the house except for her sleeping twins upstairs. Her round ass pushed against the door as she tried to come to grips with what had happened.

  “I don’t fuckin’ believe this!” Desirae said to herself. She looked at her beautiful, thick body. There were cuts and leaves and bits of grass on just about every visible area. The side of her face stung from Veronica’s hard slaps, and her head throbbed from having been hurt so badly. Her eyes swelled with the tears from her horrifying experience – tears that would soon roll down the sides of her face and drip off of her jaw, onto her mother’s floor.

  Desirae buried her face in her hands, shaking her head as she imagined all of the eyes looking at her. There were so many people from up and down the street who came walking up. Nobody did anything to stop it, which was really no surprise to anyone, not even Desirae. She thought about how she’d seen Tron. His eyes were so cold and indifferent toward her when she’d finally gotten up off the ground. There he sat, in his SUV, as if he had simply pulled over on the side of the road to make a phone call or send a text. Within seconds, Desirae’s blood boiled.

  “Fuck him!” she yelled out loud, thinking that maybe Tron had been the person to tell Veronica where Greg was. Desirae then came to her senses, realizing that all of that happening probably wasn’t likely. She shook her head, unable to pull her soul out of the shame. Never in her life had she thought she’d get drug across her mother’s front yard, naked.

  Desirae rushed quickly toward the dining room. She looked back at the large living room window. Through the slits in the purple sheer curtains, she could see that people were starting to make their way back down the street. Desirae huffed as she continued to the dining room.

  “I just got my ass beat over some little dick ass nigga!” Desirae yelled and her fists balled with frustration. “I don’t fuckin’ believe this shit. I just got my ass beat like that, in front of everybody.”

  Desirae wrapped some ice in a clean washcloth and held it over her swollen eye. She climbed the steps to the second floor after taking a quick glance at her sons, Titan and James. Her legs jiggled as she hurriedly climbed the steps. Much of her spirit was dampened by what she was going to see in the bathroom mirror. With how her face felt, Greg’s wife had really given it to her.

  Desirae walked into her mother’s bathroom at the end of the hall. “Fuck!” she yelled, upon seeing her face.

  Scratches slashed across the smooth, brown skin of her cheeks. Both eyes were somewhat blackened, with the left one being far more noticeable than the right eye. Above her eyes, at just about the middle of her forehead, was a leaf of some sort. She pushed it away then went back to assessing the damage. She then noticed how red the sides of her cheeks were under the scratches, not to mention how red and wet her eyes looked.

  Desirae’s eyes then moved to her lower body. Just like downstairs in the living room, it was very clear that she’d just gotten into a fight while naked. Parts of her body, now in the light and mirror of her mother’s bathroom, were blotched with dirt and grass. She quickly wiped them away. Her stinging shins were clear indicators that she’d been drug around a little bit during the fight. A few of her nails had broken off also, while there were patches in her hair where Veronica’s unbelievable, and almost manly, grip had taken its toll.

  Desirae’s chest pumped up and down as she pulled the ice away from her face and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t do anything except think about Tron, as he had been the last person whose eyes she’d seen before rushing back into the house.

  “So, he just gon’ watch me, the mother of his children, get her ass beat by some crazy bitch?” Desirae said out loud to herself. There was something about that idea that just didn’t sit well with her.

  Not giving much thought to what she was going to do next, Desirae turned around. She grabbed her cell phone in the bedroom and called Tron as quickly as she could. She stood in the open space of the bedroom and bit her bottom lip as the phone rang. The light shined in through the blinds, causing bright slits to cross over her bruised, dirty body.

  “Wassup?” Tron answered, his voice sounding as if nothing was going on but the rent.

  “What the fuck you mean what’s up?” Desirae asked with her voice already elevated. “What the fuck was your problem, Tron? Huh? What the fuck was your problem, nigga?”

  “What you mean?” Tron asked. This time, he sounded as if he were using his library voice. “There you go, gettin’ loud again, Desirae. What you mean what is my problem? You called me.”

  “Nigga, you know what the fuck I’m talkin’ bout,” Desirae told him. “You know exactly what the fuck I’m talkin’ bout. I don’t even know why you try’na act brand new and act like you ain’t see what was happenin’ to me fuckin’ ten minutes ago and shit, out on my front yard and shit.”

  “I didn’t know what was goin’ on,” Tron said. “Who was the chick on top though? Damn, that bitch could fight!”

  “Nigga, you lucky you not in front of me right now or else I’d slap the shit out of you,” Desirae said, picking up on what he was insinuating. “That fuckin’ bitch is crazy, nigga. She crazy. She coulda killed me or some shit.”
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  “Who the fuck is she anyway?” Tron asked. “She came walkin’ all up on the porch and shit, lookin’ mad as fuck, like she was about to beat some ass. Next thing I know, just when I hopped in the ride, I look back, and there are two chicks out in the front yard with niggas from up and down the street comin’ to watch and shit, you know. What the fuck you do to her, Desirae? You had to do something.”

  Desirae paused for a minute. “Nigga, I ain’t do shit to that bitch,” she said. “I ain’t do shit to her.”

  “See, there you go again, Desirae,” Tron said. “You and that lyin’ ass is prolly what got that ass beat. That’s why I ain’t wanna help. You done did somethin’. Who was ole dude that was sittin’ in the house like he fuckin’ stayin’ there and shit?”

  “That ain’t none of your fuckin’ business, Tron,” Desirae said. “I don’t belong to you. Remember, you ain’t even want me.” She sniffled – not because of her feelings toward Tron, but because of how much pain her body was in at that moment. To compound these feelings, her soul was emotionally crushed from the humiliation of it all. In so many ways, Desirae still felt as if the eyes of her mother’s neighbors were on her, watching a cat fight turn into a straight beat down. “Plus, I got a life too.”

  “I know you do,” Tron sound, sounding as if he were snickering on the other end. “And that’s why I’mma let you live.”

  Desirae snapped her neck then pressed her lips together tightly. “Listen to me you no good, lyin’ ass nigga,” she said with so much confidence. “I’m the fuckin’ mother to your baby twins and all you do, nigga, is watch me get my ass beat on the front lawn like ain’t shit go on and like it don’t affect you or nothin’.”

  “Oh, it do affect me,” Tron said. “I felt bad for you, Desirae. I did. Man, that shit looked rough from across the street. I can only imagine how that shit would look from up close. I swear, once people walked up and started blockin’ my view by standin’ in front of the fence and shit, I really couldn’t see much to know all of what was goin’ on. All I saw was flinging arms and hair pullin’ and somebody on the ground.”

  “Fuck you, nigga!” Desirae yelled. “Fuck you! I swear to God, I don’t ever wanna see you again in life, Tron. You hear me? I don’t ever wanna see you again in life. Oh, and by the way, if you think you gon’ be seein’ your sons, think again.” She smiled. “You gon’ act like it don’t affect you, then okay. It won’t. You ain’t gon’ never see your sons again, Tron. Not after what you just did, or didn’t do.”

  “What?” Tron asked. His voice was now elevated to the point where it let Desirae know that she’d gotten his attention. “Desirae, you can’t do that shit. Them my fuckin’ kids, too. Not just yours. You not gon’ stop me from’ seein’ my kids, Desirae. I don’t give a fuck what you say. You not gon’ stop me from seein’ my sons.”

  Desirae giggled. “Nigga, what the fuck you gon’ do? Pull up and watch them from the other side of the street. Fuck you, nigga. Dick wasn’t even that good no way.”

  As Tron was starting to speak in response, Desirae hung up the phone. She was so frustrated and angry, not only from the fight with Greg’s wife but also with Tron, that she balled her fists together then hurled her phone at the wall. The lit-up screen went dark when the phone collided with the white plaster then fell to the floor. Desirae turned away, shaking her head. Never in her life had she lost a fight that badly. Sure, she’d had some that were not her favorites, per se. However, to outright get her ass beat by some chick, and in her mother’s front yard, stung.

  Desirae attended to her wounds in the bathroom mirror. As she stood there, she pressed cotton balls swelled with alcohol into the scratches and wounds on her head. Once her cuts were good and tingling, she slid into some pajama clothing and took her hair down. Parts of her head hurt simply just to touch. However, Desirae pushed through it until she got to the point where she could pull her hair back and put it into a ponytail. Now, with her face more exposed that before, she looked at what could only be described as a woman down. Immediately, she bawled out in tears.

  “I don’t even wanna go outside again,” she said to herself. “I swear to God I don’t. That shit was just too much for me.”

  Desirae knew she needed to feel the warmth of a hot shower. Sure, she’d wiped her body off with a wash cloth just to calm herself down. However, doing that certainly wasn’t the same as the feeling of hot, steamy water hitting her body. She slid out of her clothes, turned on the water, and stepped inside. While washing her body, Desirae could not fight off the feelings of worthlessness. Rather, the true meaning of being alone in the world was coming to her in a big way. If this had happened to her months ago, she would have been able to call Reese. Reese would have been right over to talk to her and be a good friend. That was all gone now since Desirae had caught Reese trying to get with Tron, only to wind up having to beat her ass in the snow back in February.

  When Desirae finished and stepped out of the show, wrapping her white towel around her body, she looked back in the mirror again.

  Girl, why do you do this to yourself? She thought. You too good for this and you know it. You could have any man that you want, from the Wall Street banker guy to the guy who owns the corporations downtown to the NFL or any other sort of sports players. Look at the women in your life now or who have been in your life in recent years, girl. None of them are as fucking beautiful as you are. None of them have the body you have, either.

  Desirae stood there, reflecting on her thoughts. She couldn’t help but shake her head. She felt as if she’d been stripped of her womanhood. The result of being Tron’s side chick was her two, beautiful twin boys. However, she was not going to deny the fact that they weren’t planned, nor was she going to say that having the twins at her station in life didn’t hurt her one bit.

  The result of messing around with Greg and knowing that he was married, wound up being the most embarrassing and humiliating experience of her life.

  “Why bitches gotta be that way?” Desirae said. “I mean, she was just stupid. She jumped on my ass when she shoulda been jumpin’ on his ass.”

  Desirae wondered how she was ever going to go back to work. She already knew that the next couple of days would be a long two days for her. She had the rest of Saturday, and all of Sunday, to let this experience sit with her and her spirit. Her soul would hopefully chime in and tell her what the right move was. Should she go back to Family Dollar or just let it go and find something else?

  No sooner than Desirae had begun to think about such a question, one of the twins began to softly cry from their basinet. Desirae closed her eyes for a moment, hating how her job as a mother could really interrupt her personal time. She shrugged, deciding that since she knew that Titan and James were in a safe place she could let them cry for a few minutes. Her mother’s words came back to her, about how just because a baby cries does not mean that you have to go running to tend to him.

  Desirae leaned against the bathroom door as she looked at the mirror.

  “Fuck, I need to smoke,” she said. “A bitch need to fuckin’ smoke after that shit. Shit, I don’t even know if I’mma go back to work.”

  She needed the job, and there was no denying that. However, Desirae also knew that if she went back to Family Dollar on Monday for her shift, as if nothing had happened, then something probably would happen. She’d seen Veronica just a couple of days ago when she’d come to the store to see Greg. That let her know right then and there that all of the things Nalique had said to her, in warning, were indeed true. Something was off about that bitch Veronica, and there was no doubt in Desirae’s mind that if she were to go back to work there, Veronica would come up to the store and cause a problem for her. Desirae sighed, hating the price that she had to pay for being so pretty and having the body that so many women lust for, especially after having had twins.

  Feeling rather low, Desirae went back downstairs. By the time she’d gotten to the dining room to check on Titan and James, whichever one h
ad been crying just minutes earlier was now silent. Desirae smiled, knowing that now everything she lived for was basically for them. As she walked into the kitchen, still on the edge of a cliff when it came to her rage, she thought about how she’d really given Greg the works. Now, after the fact – and because he wasn’t really her type to begin with, in many ways – Desirae began to feel a little dirty. The only good thing about sex with her store manager was the fact that he could eat pussy as if it was his last meal on this earth.

  Desirae poured herself a glass of lemonade, pulled a chair out, and sat at the kitchen table. The house was so quiet. The clusters of neighbors from up and down the street had long disappeared. The only sound Desirae could here was the clicking of the clock above her mother’s China cabinet. She wondered how Veronica even knew that Greg had come over to chill with Desirae. Desirae wanted to find some way – any possible way – to connect Tron to this. However, she knew that this probably wasn’t possible. After all, she was the one who had purposely invited Tron and Greg over on the same day. Her entire goal with doing so had been to get Tron to notice her by letting him know that so many other men would gladly take her if he wouldn’t. Desirae’s shook her head as she took a sip of her lemonade. This is some fucked up shit, she thought. I ain’t even do nothing. How the fuck is it my fault when a bitch can’t please her man, and that man gotta go looking elsewhere? Jump on his ass, not mine.

  Unable to sit down anymore, Desirae slid out of the chair and stood up. She paced around the kitchen, wishing that she’d been more prepared for Veronica when she’d come walking up to the door. She thought about why she’d lost the fight so badly, and blamed it all on the fact that it was unprovoked and a complete surprise.

  Just then Desirae’s eyes landed on a family barbeque photo from 2002 that hung on the kitchen wall. Seeing a few neighbors in the background having a good time, she thought about the social impact of all of this. Every time she went outside from now on, she’d be able to feel the eyes on her – the eyes of her mother’s neighbors. She’d walk out to her car while they stared at her, and know that they were playing the entire front yard beat-down scene in their heads again as if it had all happened just the day before. Whenever they spoke softly to one another, Desirae would know that they were talking about her. After all, who would watch a chick get her ass beat naked and not talk about it for the next decade?

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