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The Diary of a Side Chick 2 (Side Chick Diaries)

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The Diary of a Side Chick 2 (Side Chick Diaries)

  The Diary of a Side Chick 2

  A Naptown Hood Drama

  Tamicka Higgins

  © 2016


  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and events are all fictitious for the reader’s pleasure. Any similarities to real people, places, events, living or dead are all coincidental.

  This book contains sexually explicit content that is intended for ADULTS ONLY (+18).


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  Sneak Peek: The Diary of a Side Chick 3

  Chapter 1

  Desirae had really begun to get into her feelings. Once she found out that she was carrying Tron’s baby, her entire mentality had changed. Sure, she was happy that she was going to be a mother. What kind of woman would not be happy about that, deep down? On the other hand, what really bugged Desirae was what it would all mean for her and her life. To put it simply, her life would change. How men would look at her would change; her body would change. It was all quickly becoming just too much for her. When she found out, she had just lounged around, on her couch, in thought. Any little trigger of a thought would pull her mind in a different direction. All roads, so to speak, led to one place: Tron.

  Desirae shook her head, knowing that if she were not pregnant she would be having a glass of wine or smoking a blunt with how she was feeling right at that moment. That was just one aspect of her life that she knew she would have to change. Desirae began to think about how she would possibly tell Tron….if she would tell Tron. Her feelings went in and out, from being salty to more sentimental. Up until Tron treated her like she was nothing by having her put of his club like that, Desirae had thought of him as being the perfect dude she could really be with. She just didn’t like the look in Tron’s eyes when he was standing across from her at that club. Some of the things he had said to her, about her being nothing but a fuck, were things that she knew would be hard to forgive anytime soon.

  Desirae, lounging on her couch in her robe, couldn’t take it anymore. She picked up her phone and called her girl Reese. At that moment, with how Tron had done her so dirty, Desirae knew that the only person in the world she could really trust would be Reese.

  “Hello?” Reese answered.

  “Girl, what you doin?” Desirae asked.

  “Who, little ole me?” Reese asked sarcastically. “Don’t think I done forgot how you put my ass right on out the door to let that nigga come over.”

  Desirae rolled her eyes, not really feeling like talking about irrelevant things. “Girl, stop,” she said. “Why you gotta be so damn dramatic and shit? Look, this is serious.”

  “Girl, I know it is,” Reese said. “Everything is always so serious with Desirae.”

  “Reese, girl,” Desirae said. “You really not gon’ believe this shit.”

  Reese could immediately sense the seriousness in her girl Desirae’s voice. She knew her that well, to the point where no matter how hard Desirae tried to hide her feelings Reese would know that something was up.

  “Girl, I can hear it in your voice,” Reese said. “What is wrong?”

  “You are not gon’ believe what happened last night and what I just found out,” Desirae said, feeling so good to finally get some things off of her chest.

  Reese, in her usual self, took a deep breath. She wanted to hear more of the story already. “Desirae, girl,” Reese said. “What happened, girl? What happened? Tell me.”

  Desirae took a deep breath then began explaining. A couple of sentences into her explanation, she stopped. She started to think that she just needed Reese to come over.

  “Girl, can you come over?” Desirae asked. “This shit is a big deal.”

  Reese agreed that she would come over and Desirae hung up. Lounging on her couch, looking down at her stomach every so often, the anticipation was sort of building up inside of her. While she knew that she had a good eight to nine months before she would be up in the middle of the night tending to a crying baby and whatnot, it still seemed like it would be here before she knew it. She could not help but think of the changes her body would go through as a result of being pregnant. Desirae cracked a little bit of a smile, though, as she thought about it all. She knew she was that chick who was going to work on her body as soon as she got into the swing of things. No matter what, with or without a baby, she was not going to walk around looking raggedy.

  Desirae’s mind switched to the entire situation with Tron. Her head shook, as she just could not believe how dirty that nigga had done her. Over and over again in her mind, as she waited on Reese to show up, Desirae couldn’t help but play over in her mind what all happened at the club last night. How could Tron tell her one thing one minute then walk up to the two of them and obviously show his love for his chick? He wasn’t happy with her – that is what he’d told Desirae over and over again. Why did he feel the need to really try and work things out with her if that isn’t where he wanted to be?

  While Desirae didn’t like to think about all of this, she knew that she would have to talk it out with her girl Reese to get any real thinking done.

  “Just chill out, Desirae,” Desirae said to herself, out loud. “Just chill the fuck out. Don’t get too deep into your feelings and shit over no nigga. You betta than that.”

  Desirae grabbed the remote and turned on the television. Whatever was on television would be better than sitting there and falling deeper and deeper into her feelings. She watched some non-descript movie while she waited on Reese to come knocking at the door.


  When Reese texted Desirae telling her that she was pulling into a parking spot, Desirae opened the door as soon as possible. Reese came in, shaking flurries off of her coat. Immediately, she looked at Desirae, and the look on her face said it all: something was up. And that something was definitely a big deal like she had said to her on the phone.

  Reese waved Desirae away when Desirae was trying to take her coat and whatnot.

  “Girl, I ain’t new over here,” Reese said as she took off her own coat and placed it on the back of the dining room chair. “So what happened, girl? I can definitely tell that something is up with you. I ain’t never seen this side of you like that before. No smile or nothing.”

  Desirae sat back down onto the couch. As soon as Reese settled down and sat on the other end of the couch, facing her, Desirae forced a smile.

  “Well, I got some news, Reese,” Desirae said, smirking to herself. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would be saying anything like what she was about to say anytime soon.

  Reese’s eyes practically bugged out of her head. “What? What?” she wanted to know.

  Desirae glanced down at her stomach then back up at Reese. Reese picked up on what she was saying and started shaking her head.

  “Girl, you not serious, is you?” Reese said. “You are not pregnant, is you?”

  “You gon be a godmother,” Desirae said, nodding her head.

  Reese screamed, smiling ear to ear. Desirae would be her first friend that she was reall
y cool with to get pregnant. Instantly, she imagined herself playing the role of the fun auntie. Soon enough, however, she picked up on Desirae’s feelings. It was clear that Desirae wasn’t quite as thrilled as Reese, making Reese feel a little awkward about it all.

  “What’s wrong, Desirae?” Reese asked. “You happy about this, ain’t you? I mean, girl, you havin’ a baby, you know.”

  Desirae nodded. “Yeah, but you know it ain’t just that simple like that, Reese,” Desirae said.

  Reese, confused for a moment, picked up on what she was talking about. “That’s right,” Reese said, realizing that she forgotten that Desirae had started to tell her about something happening at Tron’s strip club. Reese was still trying to process the fact that Tron owned a strip club and not a restaurant like she had thought all along. “You was gon’ tell me about what all happened up at the club. Wait a minute, though…is the baby Tron’s?”

  Desirae rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe that her girl Reese would even ask her a question like that. Desirae may have kept some details from Reese, but if she was seeing a dude of any sorts, Reese was always the first to know. If nothing else, Desirae did this just for security. That way if anything ever went down, somebody who would do something would at least know something about what all was going down. Desirae reached out and slapped Reese on the shoulder.

  “Reese, girl, you know me betta than that,” Desirae said, shaking her head. “You know that nigga the daddy. It ain’t like I been fuckin’ with nobody else or nothing in months and shit. Who else baby would it be?”

  Reese curled her lips. “Girl, I done known you for years,” Reese said. “Just cause you was on Tron’s dick, don’t mean that you didn’t go get a little somethin’ on the side or meet some nigga up at Clarks like you used to.”

  “Girl, fuck you,” Desirae said, snickering about how well Reese knew her. “You know I ain’t been in no thot mode in some months now – damn near a year, really.”

  “Sure, Desirae,” Reese said. “Sure.”

  “Bitch, you wanna hear this shit or not?” Desirae asked.

  Reese shook her head. “Aight, aight,” she said. “I stop, I stop. But first, I just want to say congratulations. You’re going to be a mother.” Just then, Reese leaned across the couch and hugged Desirae. “Can you believe it?”

  “Girl, thank you,” Desirae said. “And no, I still can’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it when I took the test and it told me that I was pregnant. And I still can’t believe it now that I had a minute to think about it. With all this snow and shit, I just ain’t been out and about much and shit since what all happened up at the club. I just sit here and think.”

  “Okay,” Reese said. “Desirae, girl, tell me about it all. I need to hear this cause I can see it all over your face right now. Whatever it was that happened up there really got to you and got to you bad.”

  “So, I decided to go up to the club and shit, you know,” Desirae said, explaining what happened. “I just wanted to talk and shit, and I ain’t see nothing wrong with it. You know me, I got dressed up and shit…was lookin’ good and had them niggas up in there looking at me more than they was looking at the damn dancers and shit.”

  “Yeah,” Reese said, nodding and wanting to hear more of the story. It was already getting juicy, and the look on Desirae’s face made her want to hear about it even more.

  “So, anyway…” Desirae said. “So, I get up there and shit, thinking that Tron will honestly like the surprise and shit. He had came over and I could tell that he was really fed up and shit, you know, with his chick to the point where he was thinking about walking away. In fact, that was his whole reason for even coming over here in the first place. She just drove him away that much that sometimes he can’t even stand to be around her and shit like that. And you know I didn’t start no shit like that over here. I’m a real woman about my shit and I’m not about to be treatin’ no nigga like shit like she apparently be doing.”

  “Girl, I know that’s right,” Reese said.

  “Right,” Desirae said. “So anyway, I get up to the club, lookin right and shit, and guess who there too, looking salty and shit like she just got out of bed?”

  “His chick?” Reese asked.

  Desirae nodded. “Girl, yes,” she answered. “That bitch was standing up there, dressed just any ole kind of way and looking like she wasn’t bout shit. I mean, girl, you should have seen her.”

  “What was she doing there?” Reese asked. “I mean, at the same time and day and shit as you?”

  “Girl, I’m getting to that,” Desirae said. “So, anyway, we standing there across from each other and shit while we waiting on Tron to come out. I think the bartender dude was going to go get him and sent some other nigga or something. Shit, girl, I don’t really remember. So, me and her standing there across from each other just inside the door and, of course, she get to looking at me. She recognize me from when she and the other chick came into the store last week or whenever, buying a dress and some shit for Tron’s birthday.”

  “The birthday you didn’t know about, right?” Reese interjected.

  Desirae looked at Reese and rolled her eyes at the fact that she would even bring that up. “So, anyway,” she said extra loudly, letting Reese know that she was definitely going to go ahead and move right past that conversation and just chalk it up to maybe she forgot or something. “So, she recognize me and shit and then I could tell that she was really getting mad and shit. I mean, you shoulda seen the way she was looking at me… like she was gon do some shit or something. You know me, though. I looked right back at that bitch, and the look on my face must have let her know that I ain’t the one, especially right there and right then. She already walked in the door looking all down and shit. Last thing she want is that I drag that ass across the floor in front of all them niggas.”

  “Girl, I know, right?” Reese said.

  “She wasn’t stupid,” Desirae said. “Nonetheless, I let her stand over there in her feelings and shit. You know me, I’m just gon let you live and shit. Plus, with how good I was looking, I wasn’t bout to fuck up my dress and shit over some irrelevant chick.

  “Tron came walking out the back just as this chick was figuring out who I was. I ain’t really care too much about trying to figure out if she was who I thought she was. Everything told me that I knew just who she was. I could even hear a little attitude in her voice. Eventually, she asked me if I had been fucking her nigga.”

  “Girl, no,” Reese said, clearly shocked. It was unbelievable that she would go there in the doorway of the strip club. “You ain’t serious, is you?”

  Desirae nodded. “Girl, yes,” she answered. “I kid you not, that is what she asked me right there just inside the door. I didn’t know how she knew or whatever, and I really don’t care. However she found out, though, I could tell that it really put her into her feelings whatever it was. I almost felt sorry for her. Maybe Tron finally came out and told her ass that she was simple and should just go on somewhere. But wait, though, cause I was about to find out what all happened.”

  “What?” Reese asked. “What?”

  “So, the answer to her question was a shoulder shrug and a shit-I-don’t know,” Desirae said. “Next thing you know, she asking me if I stay close to the club. Girl, I almost wanted to bust out laughing right there in her face. I mean, I don’t know what she thought I was, but do I look like the kind of bitch who would live over up in there?” Desirae shook her head. “Girl, I don’t think so, and any bitch who ain’t simple would be able to pick up on that in an instant.

  “I just shrugged my shoulders and shit and told her no and that I stay out south and stuff, you know. That was when she really got into her feelings and stuff. She stood there and started puffing and shit like she was some sort of dragon or something. I swear, I was looking over at her like girl, what the fuck is your problem?”

  Reese laughed then Desirae did the same, remembering how Tron’s chick looked that night and shaking
her head as she did so.

  “Girl, you shoulda seen her,” Desirae said. “So, anyway. When I told her I lived out south, she got real salty looking and shit. She said a couple nasty things, but I wasn’t gonna let that make me come up out my skin and shit, not in that dress I was wearing.

  “Tron came walking up. And you shoulda seen the look on his face when he saw that me and her was standing there no more than five feet from the other. He looked like a lost boy who was looking for his mama or something. But get this…”

  “What?” Reese asked.

  “I was thinking and shit that he broke shit off with her, for obvious reasons,” Desirae said. “And then this nigga gon disrespect me and talked to me like I’m nothing. He went up trying to talk to her.”

  “Girl, you lyin,” Reese said, not believing all of this.

  Desirae nodded. “Girl, yes,” she answered. “He straight up ignored me and was try’na talk to her. That is when she said some shit about calling him and hearing us fucking or some shit.”

  Reese patted her thighs, really trying to imagine this scene. “Oh shit, girl,” she said. “She called and Tron’s phone answered while y’all was getting it on?”

  Desirae shrugged, knowing that she really didn’t care about that part. “Fuck, I don’t know,” she said. “From what it sounded like, she called and did hear us getting it on, but I really wasn’t paying attention like that. So, anyways…she said some shit to Tron. And I could see the look on his face, in his eyes, that he was really catching feeling for her and shit. Girl, I started to get heated. Honestly, I was feeling like straight up embarrassed. I could feel the eyes of other niggas and shit looking at how that nigga Tron was acting. I mean, a bitch really just felt invisible and shit. She told him it was over and all that, which I knew that was coming just by looking at her and talking to her, and by the shit that Tron had told me about her. She does her childish storming out shit, but not before callin’ me a hoe and shit.”

  “Oh my God,” Reese said. “You not serious.”

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