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Wrath of a Side Chick 2: A Chicago Hood Drama (Side Chick's Wrath)

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Wrath of a Side Chick 2: A Chicago Hood Drama (Side Chick's Wrath)

  The Wrath of a Side Chick 2

  A Chicago Hood Drama

  Tamicka Higgins

  © 2015


  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and events are all fictitious for the reader’s pleasure. Any similarities to real people, places, events, living or dead are all coincidental.

  This book contains sexually explicit content that is intended for ADULTS ONLY (+18).

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  SNEAK PEEK: The Wrath of a Side Chick 3


  When Trina woke up on Monday morning, she immediately turned to look at Breon right away. It truly did amaze her that he’d gone to bed yesterday, Sunday afternoon, to take what was supposed to have been a nap. However, after getting up and staying up for only about an hour and a half last night, Breon had gone back to bed and slept the rest of the night. Trina’s eyes looked into his clueless face, and she still wondered why someone like Aunt Silvia would have texted him: Hope you come back through and chill.

  Trina didn’t consider herself to be the jealous type. In fact, if a man didn’t want her, she was more than confident she could go out and get somebody just as decent, if not better. But she’d invested time into Breon and really wanted to believe that he would never mess around on her. Believing it had become just that much harder by watching what her older sister, Tamar, had gone through. Tamar was still furious about walking in on her man after he’d just gotten a blowjob. Trina was really starting to reevaluate whether or not such a thing could happen to her.

  After lying in bed for some time, nothing but the comforter covering her body as she gazed out at the snowy early morning, Trina eventually forced herself to move. She told herself that she wasn’t going to dwell on her thoughts, but she was still intent on finding out what was going on because yesterday was simply strange. What would make Breon so tired that he could sleep so long? He didn’t even seem all that engaged last night when she’d gotten home and they’d had a little dinner.

  Knowing that she couldn’t carry all of this to work with her, Trina took a deep breath. She meditated for just a second before dragging her legs and sliding out of the bed. Walking casually over the beige carpet of their master bedroom, Trina grabbed her towel and headed into the bathroom. The shower felt good on her skin, and it relieved some of her tension. However, she still couldn’t push the thoughts out of her mind. She’d gotten to the point where she wanted to know if he was cheating so badly that she was feeling guilty for even having the desire. For some reason, she felt as if she was wrong for going through his phone. When she thought about bringing it up, she only worried about how stupid she might look if there was a perfectly plausible explanation.

  “I’m not gon’ say nothing,” Trina said to herself, shaking her head. “I’m not gon’ say nothing.”

  Trina turned the water off, checking to make sure that her shower cap was still on tight. She then stepped out of the bathtub, grabbing her towel. Within seconds, the bathroom door swung up. There stood Breon, naked, peeking his head into the bathroom. He smiled.

  “Good morning,” he said.

  “Morning,” Trina said, not really making any effort to make eye contact.

  “What was you sayin’ when you was sayin’ that you wasn’t gon’ say nothin’?” Breon asked, stepping into the bathroom and over to the toilet. After lifting the seat and the lid, he aimed and looked at Trina. “Huh?”

  “Nothin’, Breon,” Trina said, drying herself off. “Nothing. I was just thinking about something that one of my sisters said is all. Nothing serious. I was actually thinking about Tamar,” Trina felt she could say this because it was at least partially true, “and you know how she is.”

  “Yeah,” Breon said, looking away and snickering. “I do.”

  Trina finished drying off as Breon finished pissing. After flushing, he softly leaned in and kissed Trina before heading back out and to the bed. Trina watched him walk out of the bathroom, feeling more and more like she should say something.

  By the time Trina had dried off and gone back out into the bedroom, Breon had already dozed off. He smiled at Trina as she walked by while getting ready, but it was obvious he was planning to go back to sleep as he didn’t have to be at work until later in the day. Trina, with thoughts boiling in her mind, decided that she’d better ask, rather than wait and be surprised. While putting on her makeup in the bathroom, she decided to start a conversation.

  “Damn,” she said, “yesterday sure caused you to be tired, didn’t it?”

  Breon laughed, half asleep. “Yeah,” he said, turning over. “I was tired now that I think about it. I ain’t slept like that in a minute.”

  “I see,” Trina said. “So, I forget. Where all did you go yesterday?”

  Breon looked at the wall that separated the bedroom from its bathroom. While he couldn’t actually see Trina, he’d known her long enough to know exactly what she was doing. He could vividly picture her in front of the bathroom mirror, sitting in her fold-up chair like a movie star. She’d be doing her makeup and whatever needed to be done to her hair to make her look complete for the day.

  What the fuck is she asking me that for? Breon asked himself. He looked around in thought, then remembered his phone. Instantly, his heart jumped as he realized that he’d left it in his coat pocket. And that his coat was out in the living room. As much as he wanted to jump up and go see whatever Trina might have seen, he knew that doing that would be the biggest red flag.

  “I mean,” Breon said. “I went and saw my daddy, like I told you.” He made sure to keep his voice very calm as if he were not the least bit nervous. “Then I went and stopped by my dude with the good shit’s house, that’s where I got the sack I told you about, and we chilled for a second. Then I stopped by the dollar store to get some shit, which you know I hate goin’ in that place ‘cause it always be so ghetto.” I saved Nikki’s name under Aunt Silvia, Breon thought to himself. “And yeah, almost forgot, stopped by my Aunt Silvia’s house.”

  Trina’s shoulders dropped. She looked at herself in the mirror as her eyes shifted toward the bathroom door. “Yeah?” she said. “How is Aunt Silvia doin’? What made you wanna go by there?”

  “’Cause,” Breon said. “My mama text me talkin’ bout my Aunt Silvia been askin’ about me and sayin’ something about how I never called her back from when she called me.”

  “When she call you?” Trina asked.

  “Like a month ago, before she went wherever she went for Christmas,” Breon said, recalling the events of something that had really happened—he really did forget to return his Aunt Silvia’s call.

  “And did you call her back?” Trina asked.

  “Yeah,” Breon said. “I w
ound up just stoppin’ by over there instead ‘cause I was rollin’ through her neighborhood. She got this new phone now that Lil’ Juan done really got her into texting with.” Breon breathed heavily as he hoped to God that his last sentence would be sufficient enough to cover whatever Nikki may have said. In all this time he’d been with Trina, he’d never actually cheated. Now that he had, he’d forgotten that the number one rule of the game for a man when he’s messing around on his chick is to not leave his phone where she can easily get it.

  “Oh, okay,” Trina said.

  Trina finished getting ready, now with her makeup done and her body dressed in a cute, but not too expensive, pants suit that she’d gotten at Macy’s. It was black with a bit of white in the jacket. She’d normally wear a nice skirt to work, but with it being winter she needed to cover her body as best she could. She could feel Breon’s eyes following her when she came out of the bathroom. He was looking at her as if he were suspicious of something.

  “What is it?” Breon asked. “Why you ask me where all I went yesterday?”

  “’Cause,” Trina said. “I was just thinkin’ about that, is all.”

  Breon slid his legs out of the bed and sat on the side. “Is that what you was thinkin’ about when I stepped into the bathroom a minute ago?” he asked. “And don’t lie, Trina. I know you.”

  “Yeah, maybe,” Trina said. “I mean, Breon, come on. What am I supposed to think? You was tired as fuck yesterday, to where you came home and laid down for what was supposed to be a nap and basically slept the entire night. I mean, you was up for like a hour or two last night, but then you went back to sleep.”

  “So you looked through my phone?” Breon asked, shaking his head. “And what did you find?”

  “Just this text from your Aunt Silvia, saying she hope you come back and chill sometime,” Trina said, grabbing her purse.

  This was now the ultimate moment, for the both of them. Breon was deep in thought—he needed to be careful with his words. He knew what he said right then could possibly make or break his relationship, and he didn’t want to do the latter because he’d just dropped quite a bit of money on the engagement ring. Part of him was grateful that Nikki didn’t go too far and send another nude picture of herself. From the sounds of it, mentioning that he had a chick already was enough to make Nikki at least be a little more respectful in her tactics.

  Breon stood up and walked over to Trina. “Yeah,” Breon said. “She got this new phone and we was talkin’ and stuff. You know she asked me why I don’t come through and see her no more and where I be at when I don’t always be at the family functions. I told her I be chillin’ with my friends and stuff and she went on about that and shit, that’s all Trina.”

  Trina looked at Breon. He walked closer to her, his soft manhood swinging between his legs as he approached. Breon wrapped his arms around her waist and smiled. “I know you don’t think that I would fuck some other chick, Trina,” he said. “If you thought that somethin’ was up, you coulda just woke me up and we coulda talked about it.”

  “I know, I know,” Trina said, happy that she didn’t make a big deal out of it. Sure, Breon’s relationship with his aunt had been somewhat distant. However, Trina remembered back to when they’d first started talking and he was a lot closer to all of his family members than he is now. “I was just wonderin’ why you ain’t mention that.”

  “My bad,” Breon said. “I just ain’t really think about it. It wasn’t like I even planned on goin’ over there or nothin’. It was coo though. Got to see my cousin Wade. Talked to the little old lady who live next door and shit.”

  Breon leaned down and gently kissed Trina’s neck.

  “Stop,” Trina said, playfully. “You always try to do this when I’m ready to go to work.”

  “And you always try to stop me when you ready to go to work,” Breon said in response. “I don’t know why you do this when you always end up gettin’ dicked down somethin’ stupid.”

  Trina turned and looked into Breon’s eyes. “Don’t be talkin’ like that,” she said.

  Breon chuckled. He then lowered his right hand between Trina’s legs. Trina shuddered gently at first until she came back to reality, knowing that she was going to need every bit of her time this morning to get downtown.

  “Not today,” Trina said. “Not today. I gotta get going ‘cause you know how the traffic be when it first snows a lot. I’m probably already gon’ be late to this stupid ass job.”

  “Come on,” Breon said, softly, whispering in Trina’s ear. He tightened his grip around her waist. “You know you want some of this dick to get your day goin’ and shit. Just gimme ten minutes. We can have a little quickie. You know you got ten minutes you can give a nigga. You want me to die out in the cold today with blue balls?”

  “Breon, I hate when you say that,” Trina said. Just as she was about to say no once more, she could feel his dick getting hard. The front of his naked body was pressed against her back. She turned around slowly, feeling a little guilty for having taken the Aunt Silvia thing out of context when it really wasn’t that big of a deal. “Ten minutes,” Trina said. “And you betta not make me late to work.”

  Instantly, Breon turned Trina around and walked her over to the bathroom doorway.

  “Grip the doorway,” he said.

  Trina looked back, thinking of how she’d seen this position done in a movie from way back. However, she did just as she was told, grabbing the door frame as she bent over. She could feel Breon undoing her pants and sliding them down to her feet. He then gripped her panties and pulled them down as well. With her back arched and bent over, Trina spread her legs a little. Breon gripped her hips and entered her.

  “Fuck,” Trina said as Breon pushed inside of her.

  Breon smiled, knowing that Trina’s real problem last night was probably with the fact that she didn’t get any dick. Chicks always tended to act up more when they weren’t getting what they wanted. Remembering that he only had ten minutes on his hands, Breon was going to make it count. With a tight grip, he slowly worked his manhood into Trina. Once she was comfortable and wet enough, he sped up. Trina squealed as Breon rammed into her, going balls deep with long strokes. She could feel herself stretching. After about five minutes, Breon could feel Trina’s pussy squeezing his dick.

  “Dick feel good, don’t it?” Breon asked. “I’m ‘bout to bust.”

  “Hmm, hmm,” Trina said, closing her eyes as her head bobbed up and down in the bathroom. “I’m ‘bout to cum, Breon. It’s so deep.”

  A bead of sweat rolled down Breon’s face as he gripped Trina’s waist even harder. He stroked deep and hard, as fast as he could. The bedroom filled with the sound of his hips slamming against hers in a rhythmic clapping. The bathroom echoed the noise, as well as Trina’s pleasure-filled screams.

  Breon’s body tensed up and the two of them had an orgasm to start their day. When Breon stepped back, he slapped Trina’s ass. She quickly slid her panties then pants back up.

  “Okay, okay,” she said. “Now, if I’m late to work, it’s gon’ be your fault.”

  “Yeah, yeah,” Breon said, sarcastically. “Whatever. And if I’m late to work in a little bit because I fell back asleep because you forced that pussy onto me, then it’s gonna be your fault.”

  Trina looked at Breon and rolled her eyes. She quickly kissed him, just as he was leaning back to sit back on the bed. “Boy, whatever,” she said as Breon reached out and slapped her ass. “I gotta go.”

  “Text me later,” Breon said, watching Trina leave the room.

  Out in the living room, Trina quickly got into her coat and headed for the door. After warming her car up and getting some of the snow off, she saw that the roads weren’t as bad as she’d thought that they would be. She was able to get to the interstate fairly easy. There, however, was another typical morning on a Chicago interstate at 7:30. The skyscrapers of downtown Chicago loomed in the distance, the interstate looked as if it headed straight into them. Alt
hough Breon had dicked her down in the most pleasurable way to start her morning, Trina’s suspicion was still there. However, she was afraid to handle it the wrong way. If Breon was going to propose, the chances of him messing that up right around the same time would be so slim. On top of that, their anniversary was coming up. Trina could only hope that what her sister Monique had said about seeing Breon coming out of a jewelry store was real.


  Breon lay in bed until he’d heard Trina pull out of her parking spot and drive away. At this point, he was sure that she wouldn’t be coming back. She rarely did such a thing, as she was the type to have her things organized enough that getting ready for her wasn’t such a long process.

  Breon slid out of the bed once more and walked out into the living room. Still naked, he walked across the slowly lightening space and across to the couch. There, he noticed the corner of his cell phone was sticking out of his coat pocket. He quickly grabbed it and unlocked it, heading to the text messages. He felt as if God must have been on his side because he’d seen that Nikki had sent him another text message just about an hour ago. However, this text message was not words, but rather a picture.

  “Fuck,” Breon said, shaking his head. He hated that Nikki was sending him naked pictures because Trina could obviously open his phone and see them. However, her body was sure nice to see first thing in the morning, even if he’d just given Trina some of the dick. This time, the picture was of Nikki’s back as she lay on her stomach in the bed. In the distance of the photo was her ass, rising up like a couple of big hills.

  Breon put his balled fist over his mouth as he began to respond to the text message. There was something about seeing Nikki’s body, especially now that he’d had his way with her in the most violent way. The idea of Nikki only being a one-time thing was quickly taking the backseat. If she was the kind of chick who would be cool with being on the side, Breon felt he had no right to stand in her way. She truly was bad, in every sense of the word. Little did Breon know, however, as he was responding to Nikki’s photo by telling her to not send those kinds of photos to a nigga first thing in the morning, that Nikki would soon enough be someone that he could lean on in a time of need.

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