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Queen of the City 2: The Life of a Female Rapper

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Queen of the City 2: The Life of a Female Rapper

  Queen of the City 2

  The Life of a Female Rapper

  An Urban Hood Romance

  Tamicka Higgins

  © 2015


  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and events are all fictitious for the reader’s pleasure. Any similarities to real people, places, events, living or dead are all coincidental.

  This book contains sexually explicit content that is intended for ADULTS ONLY (+18).



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  SNEAK PEEK: Queen of the City 3


  Big Tuck glared down the barrel of a 9 millimeter with a silencer on the tip of it. Lyric held the pistol in her hand, still naked and her heart set on revenge that wouldn’t be satisfied until Big Tuck was dead. Images of Junie flashed in and out of her mind as Big Tuck sat on his bed, his stomach protruding and his chest dropping down because of his corpulence. He wasn’t intimidated, not in the slightest. He had been in this position many times before, and he wasn’t afraid to meet death.

  “Bitch, are you fucking crazy? You will be dead before you walk out this room.”

  “You remember Junie?” I said, aiming the gun directly at him. He laughed to himself as he turned to place his feet on the ground.

  “Who the fuck is Junie?”

  “Muthafucka don’t play dumb! You had him killed almost a year ago.”

  He put his hand on his forehead, “Bitch, do you know how many people I kill every year? How the fuck am I supposed to remember based on that?” He stood up, but I squeezed the trigger on the silenced weapon, sending one bullet flying past him into the mattress.

  “Sit yo’ fat ass back down, nigga or the next one is going through your head.”

  He put his hands up and sat back down on the bed, “Look bitch, I don’t know no fucking Junie, and if I killed him, it was for good reason. Shit. Anybody I kill is for a good cause.” He reached towards the nightstand as I fired another bullet into the pillow right next to him, “Bitch, I’m just getting a cigarette.” He pulled it out of the drawer and lit the end of it, inhaling and blowing the smoke out slowly before saying,

  “Look, if I did kill him, he deserved it. Tuck don't kill anybody that didn’t deserve it.”

  “Fuck that shit—”

  “Oh, wait,” He said, cutting me off,

  “I remember Junie. Hell yeah, tall, pretty ass muthafucka’ with the dimples? Hell yeah. He was short on some money he owed me. I gave him ample time to pay me back but the nigga just… drug his feet. He tried to hoe me. You know.” He blew smoke out of his mouth and said,

  “I can’t let a pussy ass nigga like that hoe Big Tuck. This my city and I guarantee, if you kill me, you’ll—”

  Pow! The cigarette fell from his hand as he slowly tumbled over onto the floor, making a small thud. I shot him right in his forehead and the blood poured from his dome, forming a small puddle around him. My top lip curled up as I stood in front of his dead body, naked and empowered. I felt like the chapter of my life with Junie could officially close as Big Tuck laid there, blood pouring out his body with his eyes wide open. I hurried and got dressed, keeping the gun close to me as if Big Tuck was going to get up from his gunshot wound and pull out another pistol. It was well past 15 minutes by the time I got to the door. As soon as I cracked it open, I was staring down the pipe of a double barrel shotgun. I dropped my pistol when the round was loaded into the barrel. Nas stood, holding the other end, “Where that nigga at, Lyric?” he said, moving past me and into the hotel room. I grabbed his arm and said,

  “He’s done, Nas. Come on, let’s go!”

  “The fuck you mean he’s done?”

  “I killed him. Let’s fucking go!”

  He walked in any way with his shotgun drawn, ready to squeeze the trigger. Keyonna was still knocked unconscious, sloped against the dresser. Big Tuck was laid out on the floor in his puddle of blood as dead as he was when I fired the shot. Nas looked over at me,

  “You did this shit?”

  “I told you I did. Now let’s go, Nas! Come on!”

  He yanked away from me, focusing on Keyonna. She was still breathing, so he put the barrel to her head. I pulled him back away from her, “Fuck her, Nas! Damn! You pull that fucking trigger, and no way we are getting out this Muthafuckin’ building! She isn't shit! Come on!” He relaxed his grip on the shotgun, and we left the room. Outside in the hall, the bodies of his guards laid across the floor while Man-Man stood at the elevator waiting for us to get in. Nas grabbed my arm, and we walked past the bodies, one of them was still twitching just waiting for death to take completely over. Nas tucked the shotgun in his sleeve, and Man-Man concealed his in his waistband as we got off the elevator and headed for the back door of the hotel. It was early in the morning, so the activity in the hotel was at a minimum. Just like that, it was all over. We were gone, Big Tuck was dead, and I could finally lay Junie to rest inside my heart.

  “You should’ve let me kill that bitch, Lyric.”

  “Nah, she straight.”

  “Fuck. How you know she ain’t gon bring this shit back on us?”

  “Because, she ain’t like that. She ain’t no snitch.”

  “Aight. Shit, if she pops back up, it’s on you, though, Lyric.”

  “Aight. It’s on me then.”

  He peered at me for a few moments before he leaned in and kissed me on the lips, “I can’t believe you popped that nigga, though, you know what I’m saying? Shit. I didn’t know you had it in you,” he turned to look at Loc, “I came in the room, and that nigga was face down in his blood and shit. Gunshot straight through his fucking dome. My bitch is a killer, yall.” It felt good hearing him speak that way about the stuff I did. As far as he knew, I did it for him, and I could let him live with that. Deep down inside, I knew who it was for, though, and I would have done it again without hesitation if I had to. I leaned my head back on the headrest and ran my hand across my belly. The issue with my pregnancy became more and more real every day. As the streetlights passed over us, nervousness slowly crept over me like a thief in the night. Here I was with a crazy ass boyfriend who was so ecstatic about having a baby that if he found out it wasn’t his, I would have a hard time trying to explain myself while trying to keep us together. I didn’t think he would kill me, but then again, I wouldn’t put anything past him. He was ruthless as fuck whenever he got in those zones, so all I could do was hope and pray this seed was his. He put his hand on top of mine, coasting back and forth over my stomach.

  “Maybe you should just chill for the next few months, Mama. I mean, shit. You can’t be out here rapping and shit with my Lil’ boy in yo’ stomach. He gon’ fuck around and come out retarded and I’ma be pissed.”

  I laughed, “First of all, how the
fuck you know it’s a boy?”

  “Because, the first time I nutted in you, I was fucking you from the back. That’s an automatic boy every time.”

  “Shit, how you know?”

  He smiled the way Junie did whenever he was about to say some off the wall shit,

  “Urban legend.”

  “Urban Legend my ass. It could be a girl.”

  “Yeah, it could be. If it is, we sending her ass back for a refund.”

  “Get the fuck off me, Nas.”

  He laughed, “I’m playing, Baby, I’m playing. If it’s a girl, I’ma love her the same, you know that. I was just fucking with you.” He put his arm around me as I cuddled up closer to him, silently pleading with God to make sure this baby belonged to Nas.

  Chapter 1



  I yelled as Nas stood next to me, anxiously holding my hand in the hospital room. The nurses were coaching me every step of the way as I did my best to push the baby out of me.

  “Aight, honey. Just push again, aight.”

  “Fuck you, Nas! Fuck you! You’re the reason I’m in this position! Get the fuck away from me!”

  I yanked myself loose from his grasp as the doctor sat on a stool at the end of my bed with a bright ass light shining down between the middle of my legs. “Alright, Lyric. We’re going to need you to give us another push, ok? Can you do that?”

  I yelled out as if I was possessed, “Yes! Just, get this Lil muthafucka’ out of me!”

  “Alright, alright, Lyric. He’s coming. Go ahead and push.”


  They gave me an epidural, but I still felt brief spurts of pain that pierced through my body and made me feel as if I was about to pass out and die. I’d been shot before; those brief moments of pain were more excruciating than any gunshot wound. As soon as I heard him crying, though, it was like all the pain and discomfort I felt was gone. My anger turned to joy instantly as they carried him over to a table to clean him off. I looked over at Nas as he stood there, his eyes wide open, watching the life he believed he created to take its first breaths. I could tell he was fighting back tears, and it would have been a beautiful thing to have seen him cry. After they finished cleaning the baby off, one of the assistants looked towards Nas and said,

  “Dad, you want to hold him?”

  He didn’t say anything, he just walked over to the table and held his arms out as they placed him gently in his grasp. He smiled, leaning in to kiss him on his face, walking carefully over to me so I could see him.

  “Look, Mama, this is what we made.”

  He had a head full of hair and a wrinkled, old-looking face. His eyes moved around the room as we spoke like he was trying to figure out where the voices were coming from. Their color looked to be gray but the pamphlets I read also stated that their eyes were known to change colors for the first few months, so I tried not to fall in love with them. But him? I couldn’t help but to instantly fall in love with my baby boy as soon as I saw him. The doctor walked up to Nas,

  “Ok, Dad. Let’s let Mom hold him close to her body—”

  I cut him off, “So I can use my body heat to help regulate his.”

  The doctor smiled, “Exactly right. You talk like you’ve done this before.”

  “No, I just read a lot before I had him.”

  Nas placed him in my arms as I held his naked body tight against mine. It was incredible, finally holding the life that I held and talked to so often these past nine months. To think that two human beings are powerful enough to create another life whenever they come together sexually is an amazing thing to wrap your mind around.

  “Hey, Mama’s baby. Hey, sweetheart. You’re the one that was giving me heartburn, making me throw up, and have all types of weird ass cravings. I should be giving you your first whooping right now, little boy.”

  His mouth moved in a smile as soon as I said that and that is when I knew, without a doubt, that this baby belonged to Nas. A slight dimple, smaller than the tip of my pinky finger, pushed his cheek in as he laid in my arms. I wiped a tear of relief from my eye; The relief that I didn’t have to worry about Nas leaving me because of a misunderstanding. I reached down and kissed him on his forehead as Nas put his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek.

  “Nas, did you come up with a name for him? Is he going to be Nas, Jr?”

  “Nah. I don’t want him to be a junior.”

  I looked at him quizzically, “What? Why not?”

  “Because, since I am a king, he will be the prince. Prince Nasir Jones.”

  From that point on, our son was known as Prince Nasir Jones and it was the perfect name of a child born to a king and queen. Since I murdered Big Tuck a half year ago, Nas moved right into his place as the kingpin of the city. He had cocaine and weed flooding the streets of Milwaukee, picking up territory on every side of town. Anybody that opposed him usually ended up dead, and he wasn’t afraid to do it at any time of day. He even had some local police and law officials on his payroll to help keep his business thriving. All of that was going on while I sat on top of the city with him, helping him run his business flawlessly. I was like the eyes that watched his back at all times and kept shit in line when he was too busy fucking around with dumb shit to see it himself. The king is the most important piece in the game but the queen was the most powerful piece without a doubt, and we both understood and respected that. We stayed in our lanes and kept the respect between us. He appreciated my blunt honesty and how I never backed down from him and I appreciated how he handled shit fearlessly whenever it came up. He didn’t bat an eye when dangerous situations came up but more importantly, he made sure I was safe whenever it did. The only thing he kept a close watch on more than his drugs and his money was me. Two things women want in relationships are security and to feel protected. Nas provided both of those things for me flawlessly. He was a tougher, stronger version of Junie and as much as I thought that killing Big Tuck would allow me to put the thoughts I had of Junie to rest, it never did. Junie was alive, and now he was alive even more because of Prince. To me, he looked more like Junie than Nas and that, in itself, freaked me out.

  After a few days, the doctors gave us the green light to leave the hospital and head home. Nas moved us out to the suburbs, away from all the drama that was going on in the city. He dropped $300,000 on a house for us out in Wauwatosa, a suburb of Milwaukee. Out there, the police showed up twice as fast as the noise was little to none. He figured it would be safer for us out there than anywhere else in the city. He even paid the mortgage off on Big Mama’s house so Uncle Stew and Vinny wouldn’t have to worry about paying it anymore. He figured it was the least he could do since he was taking me away from them but he said he just wanted me safe. I wasn’t feeling it too much though because I was a city girl and I was used to the busyness of it all, but all that shit had to change when Prince was born. It was no longer about what I wanted to do but what was best for him. Loc stayed out there with us for added protection. It seemed like he never slept, though. Like that muthafucka was a robot or something.

  We pulled up to our house in the middle of the block. It was a large, four-bedroom home with a big ass front yard that we paid some Mexicans to come by and keep clean every month.

  “I got him, mama. You are just gon’ head in the house and chill.”

  I smiled and let him bring in Prince. I knew he wasn’t going to be around much, but whenever he was, I could tell he was going to spoil me and want me to calm down. It’s one of the things I loved about him. As hard as he was with other people, and trust me, that nigga was hard a fuck, he was just the opposite with me. He brought Prince in and sat him on the couch in his car seat. He was fast asleep.

  “Aight Ma, I gotta run to the house and check up on shit. I haven’t been there all day.”

  “Aight baby.”

  “Shit, hit me if you need anything. Loc will be here. Send that nigga out if you need something from the store
. I just want you to stay here and take care of our Prince.”

  “Aight, I got it.”

  He leaned in to kiss me, but I held on to his arm.

  “Whassup, Ma?”

  I whispered into his ear,

  “I wanna fuck.”

  “Didn’t the doctor say we had to wait for that shit? I mean, I don’t want to start fuckin’, and then you start bleedin’ all over the place and shit. I think I’d fuckin’ pass out.”

  “Nigga, all the blood and shit you’ve seen, and you gon pass out over that?”

  “Ma, that’s an entirely different scenario, you know what I’m sayin’? A fuckin’ pussy leakin’ blood is different from a nigga leakin’ blood. That shit is completely different.”

  I laughed, “You right. Well, what if I….”

  I reached over and unbuckled his pants. His dick fell out of his boxers as soon as I tugged on them a little bit. I was horny as fuck. I hadn’t had sex for almost a month, and the fuckin’ doctors had the nerve to tell me that I couldn’t fuck for a few more months? I needed some dick to pacify me. I pulled it out and put my mouth around it, sucking it slowly until he got rock hard. He put his hand on my head as I went back and forth, licking his dick from the bottom up and sucking on the tip. He grabbed the sides of my face, guiding me back and forth as my lips gripped his dick. He pushed my head all the way down until it was deep in my throat and then let me back up. I looked him directly in his eyes, and he grabbed my head and pushed me all the way down on it again. My pussy got wetter just by the way he took control, pushing all of his dick inside my mouth and fuckin’ with Keyonna got me used to taking in a big cock like this. He came in a matter of minutes and as long as he was satisfied, so was I.

  “That’s why you are my bitch,” He said, pulling his pants back up, “I’ma be through here later on. Aight?”

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