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The Diary of a Side Chick 3: A Naptown Hood Drama (Side Chick Diaries)

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The Diary of a Side Chick 3: A Naptown Hood Drama (Side Chick Diaries)

  The Diary of a Side Chick 3

  A Naptown Hood Drama

  Tamicka Higgins

  © 2015


  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and events are all fictitious for the reader’s pleasure. Any similarities to real people, places, events, living or dead are all coincidental.

  This book contains sexually explicit content that is intended for ADULTS ONLY (+18)


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  Sneak Peek: The Diary of a Side Chick 4

  Chapter 1

  Desirae had really been stuck in her feelings for a few days after she and Shawna had gotten out of lockup downtown. She could not lie to herself anymore, as she had tried to do. It was nice the way she and Shawna teamed up and surprised Tron. The fact that he just so happened to be getting out of the shower when the two of them showed up in that townhouse was only the icing on the cake. After they dragged his ass downstairs and into the living room, they jumped on him again – letting out their frustration until they were exhausted and just ready to be through with it.

  Even now, a few days later, she couldn’t believe who Tron was truly turning out to be. Sure, she knew that she was fucking around with an unfaithful man, considering that the terms of their relationship had always been him “stopping by” when he had time after the restaurant. Desirae shook her head just on that thought alone, as she sat in her living room, lying sideways on her couch. The sunlight beamed into her living room from the bright snowy day outside. “Restaurant,” she said, as she shook her head. It almost made her sick to her stomach to think about how even that had been a lie, and she never picked up on it.

  “I wonder if that nigga’s name is even Tron,” she began to ask herself. After awhile, though, she figured that much about him had to be true. After all, if his name really wasn’t Tron, then his chick Shawna wouldn’t have called him that. There was just so much she didn’t know about him. And while she may not be showing with his baby just yet, she knew that it would only be a matter of time. She patted her stomach, hating for one minute that she had ever given an ounce of thought to having an abortion.

  Desirae realized just how smart of a chick she was. While she hated that she got into a fight over a man, and wound up spending a night in the Marion County jail downtown over the situation, she had figured out why Tron kept bringing up the idea of abortion so much. She knew now that he tried to plant the idea in her head and let her know that it might be the better idea.

  “Fuck that nigga,” she said, thinking of the way Tron played mind games with her. Desirae had figured out that Tron was trying to get her to get rid of the baby so that he could get back with Shawna. In the confines of her own place, and after the fact, Desirae could allow herself to stand in Shawna’s shoes for a moment. She imagined dedicating herself to and living with a dude, only to find out that he was over on the other side of the city fucking someone else and doing everything in his power to cover it up. At the same time, though, Desirae figured that if she were in Shawna’s shoes, things would be at least a little bit different. The difference with Tron cheating on that Shawna chick was that he was doing it with something better on the other side of town. Desirae looked down at her body – a body that practically turned heads, especially when she walked down the street in the hood. A nigga would be hard-pressed to find a chick that had more going on that she did to be fucking around with. Desirae cracked a smile, feeling grateful that she was blessed when it came to physical beauty because everyone else is not always so lucky.

  “Damn, where is she at?” Desirae asked herself, taking a break from her thoughts. Her girl Reese was supposed to be headed over. It was now going on five o’clock in the afternoon and Reese was supposed to be free around three.

  Desirae hadn’t seen her girl since before everything happened at Clarke’s. She was trying to fill her in on it all the day she and Shawna left Tron at the townhouse, but Reese had been busy. Something or another had come up with her family, and Desirae respected that. Being the real woman that she was, Desirae made it a point to not think just about herself when it came to their friendship. With all of this snow outside, though – a good three more inches had fallen on Indianapolis just last night alone – Desirae was starting to get a little worried. She didn’t want to come across as being invasive or anything, but she wanted to make sure that everything was all right. On top of that, she knew that Reese was probably dying to hear what had happened.

  Desirae grabbed her phone from between two couch cushions and called Reese. She found herself getting a little more worried when the phone continued ringing, not stopping until Reese picked up on the fourth ring.

  “Hello?” Reese said.

  “Girl, you alright?” Desirae asked. “You said you was gon be headed over here when you got off work and shit, but you ain’t came yet. I was getting kind of worried with this snow and shit, girl.”

  “Girl, you won’t believe this mess,” Reese said.

  “What?” Desirae asked, clearly interested. “What mess? What you talkin’ bout?”

  “Well, okay,” Reese said, starting to explain. “I got off work later. You know, I was supposed to get off at three but, because of the snow making a couple of my coworkers late, or so they say, I didn’t wind up walking out of there until almost four fifteen.”

  Desirae thought about it for a minute – how that was forty five minutes ago. Reese was only coming from downtown. Even in semi-deep snow, the main streets coming out of downtown were always pretty clear. School had been closed, so there wasn’t a ton of school busses and teachers and whatnot out on the roads for that afternoon, either.

  “Yeah,” Desirae said.

  “So, anyway,” Reese said. “I get on Madison and head out south, you know coming by the Lilly Center, and this car lost control just as we was crossing under the highway.”

  “Girl, you kidding,” Desirae said, now hearing how shook up Reese was from it all in her voice as she explained. “Did he get close to you?”

  “It was some white lady,” Reese said. “And yeah, I mean I thought she was about to push me through the bridge barricade and down onto whatever-that-street-is below…Morris, I think. Girl, my life flashed before my eyes. I pulled over though and called the police and stuff for the lady. Now they here.”

  “Girl, if you not up for coming over and shit, I completely understand,” Desirae said. “I mean, girl, that is some scary shit. You ain’t gotta risk your life and all to come out here.”

  “Desirae, girl, it’s okay,” Reese said. “I’m fine and already talked to the police and stuff about what I saw. They getting ready to carry the woman to the hospital and tow her car. You know this is a big, busy road.”

  “Yeah, it is,” Desirae said, nodding.

  “I’mma be there in like fifteen minutes,” Reese said. “Girl, I gotta hear what done happened now. You know how life is. It is always something.”

smirked for a second, thinking about how just a few night ago, she was carried out of work in handcuffs and downtown in the back of an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police car. In the backseat of that thing, she felt like an animal. It was a feeling that she never wanted to feel again. And if she ever were to go through it again, it would not be over some nigga who wouldn’t even acknowledge her.

  “Ain’t that the truth,” Desirae said. “Alright, girl. I’ll see you when you get here. The door already open and I’m ready to spill it cause you not gon’ believe this shit.”

  “Okay, okay,” Reese said. “Be there in a minute, girl. Bye.”


  Desirae hung up then dropped her phone into her lap. Now she was coming to another crossroads in her life. The following day after going to jail for getting into it with Tron’s chick, when she and the chick left from beating Tron’s ass over at his place, she called her manager at work. As much as Desirae knew deep down that she was far better than working at some department store, she couldn’t lie to herself that the store paid all right and gave her enough hours that she could live on. On top of that, she was a smart enough woman to know that when you’ve got a baby on the way, some money is better than no money.

  At the same time, she was nervous when calling about her job because she knew just how much of a bitch the human resources lady would be. The human resources manager for the mall store location, Kim, was always so jealous of Desirae and the attention she got from the male customers. The fact of the matter is that no matter what kind of outfit Desirae wore to work, her shape was just too much to hide. With Kim being tall and thin and rather flat chested, Desirae could pick up right away that she wished she was getting some of that same attention. Desirae’s relationship, for lack of a better word, with Kim only got worse during the holiday season. Desirae remembered clearly how some man had been showing Kim a little bit of attention out on the floor. When Desirae was sent by her supervisor to go do something, she had no choice but to walk by Kim and the guy talking. And of course, at no fault of Desirae’s other than being purely blessed, the man’s eyes slipped away from Kim and followed her down the aisle. Ever since then, Kim had been acting shitty toward Desirae.

  Desirae discovered that day that Kim was still salty about her stealing the attention a couple of months ago. Effective immediately, she was terminated. Furthermore, Kim went on to tell Desirae that she might have considered giving her another chance at keeping her position with Clarke’s since she was indeed provoked and attacked if only she had not dressed so provocatively when she came to work. Without even thinking, Desirae, who now knew that she really didn’t have anything to lose, just went ahead and let Kim have a little piece of her mind.

  “Bitch!” Desirae said into her phone, still sitting out in her car just having returned from Tron’s place. “Provocative? Are you serious? You just mad… I don’t even believe this mess. I was always professional with what I wore and you gon’ call it provocative. Shit, I wore better outfits and stuff than you did.”

  Kim told Desirae, in a very condescending manner that let Desirae know that she was on the other end getting at least a little bit of pleasure out of terminating her, that she wasn’t wearing the right kind of clothes for her body type. Desirae just shook her head and started laughing.

  “You too much,” she had said. “And you just mad that you ain’t get this kind of body like me. That’s all this is. I don’t even fuckin’ need that job. Fuck y’all.”

  As Desirae lay across her couch, thinking about all of that and what that meant as she was now in the early stages of pregnancy and had no job. One minute she would shake her head and almost laugh at how the world always seemed to fall on her head at the worst times. But the urge to laugh faded as she thought about the severity of her situation. It wasn’t like she saved money the way she ought to. She had enough in her bank account to last her a good couple of months, but she knew that she was going to need some income. Shit, she thought, I wasn’t born rich or nothing.

  Within no time, Reese was knocking at the door.

  “Girl, I told you it was open,” Desirae announced.

  The door swung open and Reese came walking in. “Damn, it’s windy as fuck out there,” she said as she pushed the door closed and began taking her coat off. “I’m here.”

  “Good,” Desirae said. “Hurry up and take your coat off so I can get started with my story. You are not gon’ believe this shit one bit when I tell you,” Desirae added, slapping her palms together. “I mean, for real, Reese. This shit is unreal that I just don’t know how to fuckin’ feel.”

  “Okay, okay,” Reese said, smiling. “Let me get this coat off and get myself something to eat and we can talk.”

  “Something to eat?” Desirae asked. “Girl, I ain’t got no food in here.”

  “Desirae, girl,” Reese said. “You always say that. You be having food. You just don’t wanna share. Stop being like that.”

  Desirae smirked and rolled her eyes. “Niggas,” she said, shaking her head.

  “That’s right,” Reese said. “And I’m the guest. Look, girl, just go ahead and start telling me the story and shit while I’m getting me something to eat and drink.”

  “And you want something to drink?” Desirae said. “Aw hell naw.”

  Reese looked at Desirae as she was walking into the kitchen, squinting her eyes her direction until she disappeared. “Girl, whatever,” she said from the kitchen. “So, what happened? You know I wanna know.”

  “Okay,” Desirae said. “So where do I start?”

  “Damn, is it like that?” Reese asked, pouring herself some Kool-Aid.

  “Girl, yes,” Desirae said and smacked her palms together. “I guess I’mma start with when I was up at Clarke’s. Okay, so I was at work, you know, doin’ my thing, lookin’ good for any of them niggas who come walkin’ through there.”

  “Of course,” Reese said.

  “And guess who come up in the store and make a bee-line, straight for my fuckin’ counter like she was on a mission or some shit,” Desirae said.

  “Who?” Reese asked, wanting to know. “Girl, who?”

  “Tron’s chick, Shawna,” Desirae answered.

  Just then, Desirae could hear the refrigerator door close and saw Reese’s head peek out from behind the wall. Her eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of her head she was so fascinated by what she had just heard.

  “Are you serious?” Reese asked.

  Desirae nodded her head. “Girl, yes,” she said. “I guess she remembered me from the day her and the other chick had come into the store. When she saw me up at the club that Saturday night, looking ten times better than her and waiting on Tron to come out just like she was, she must have connected the dots.”

  Reese went back into the kitchen and went on with getting her little snack together. “Okay, go on, go on,” she insisted.

  “So, yeah,” Desirae said. “She comes up in there and comes right for me and, you know it, some shit gets started. I mean, she just came in there talking all sorts of disrespectful. And you know me…you know I don’t put up with no disrespect from nobody, I don’t care who you is. Certain things I just am not gon stand for cause I ain’t that chick. I guess ain’t nobody tell her that, but anyway.”

  Just then, Reese came from around the corner with a ham sandwich and her glass of grape Kool-Aid. She sat down at the opposite end of the couch from Desirae, causing Desirae to have to move her feet out of the way.

  “Well, damn,” Desirae said. “Excuse me for being in your way.”

  “Girl, stop doing the most,” Reese said, munching on her sandwich and washing it down with her drink. “Go on with the story.”

  “So, yeah,” Desirae said. “Like I was saying, she come up in to my fuckin’ job and is talkin’ all sorts of reckless to me cause she knows I gotta stay professional with my shit because I’m at work and all and I’m a classy chick. And like I said, next thing you know we goin’ back and forth and shit cause she
just went too far. Before I know it, this bitch done put her hands on me.”

  “Girl, you is lyin’,” Reese said, shaking her head as she drank from her cup. “All this happen up in Clarke’s, up at the mall. She really came up to your job and started some shit with you?”

  “Girl, yes,” Desirae answered, nodding her head. She slapped her palms together again.

  “So, how did that go?” Reese asked.

  Desirae looked at Reese, with this look on her face that told Reese that she should have known better than to ask her a question like that. “Girl,” Desirae said. “You know how that went…you know I took it there with her. I was at work, so I went a little nice on her. She prolly don’t know that, but it’s whatever. I really didn’t want to take it there with her. But the story get crazier than that, Reese. The shit gets crazier than that.”

  “Girl, what?” Reese asked. “How can it get crazier than her coming up to your job to get a beat down? I mean…”

  “I’m getting there,” Desirae said. “I’m getting there. So the police come, of course. Good for her cause they pulled me off her ass when I was really gettin’ in my feelings over what she had made me do. And they arrest us, putting the handcuffs on us and shit.”

  Reese clearly looked shocked. She had been so busy with helping her family move in the dead of winter that she felt so out of the loop when she went for even just a few days without talking to Desirae. Desirae was her girl and was always the one of the two of them that really lived life and took whatever came her way. In so many ways, Reese saw Desirae as being so strong. At the same time, Reese couldn’t believe what kind of situation she had suddenly found herself in…and all over that Tron. Looking at her girl Desirae explain everything, it made Reese really start to wonder just how good Tron’s dick must be for this to be happening.

  “Are you serious?” Reese asked.

  Desirae nodded. “Hell yeah, girl,” she answered. “I got arrested and spent the night with her ass down in Marion County.”

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