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The Diary of a Side Chick 5 (SCD)

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  Greg chuckled, grinning from ear to ear as he finished pulling his underwear down toward his calves. Desirae didn’t waste time. She leaned forward, grabbed Greg’s shaft, and took him completely into her mouth until she felt her lips pressing into his pubic air.

  “Goddamn,” Greg said. He wiped his forehead, feeling his dick submerged in Desirae’s warm mouth. “Fuck, this feel good as fuck.”

  Desirae bobbed her head up and down, making sure to really put the work in with her tongue. Greg eventually gripped the top of Desirae’s head and guided her down, controlling her speed and depth. Desirae, knowing that Greg was now hooked, did not resist. Instead, she simply went with the flow until Greg’s office phone rang.

  “Fuck,” he said, groaning from the disappointment of an interruption. Just as Desirae was about to lift her head up to stop, Greg pushed it back down and told her to keep going. He answered the phone. “Thank you for calling Family Dollar. This is Greg speaking. How may I assist you today?”

  Desirae giggled, her mouth wrapped around Greg’s manhood, at hearing him speak so professionally into the phone.

  “What Veronica?” Greg said. “I just saw you when you were here. What do you want now that you’d call me when you know I’m at work?”

  Desirae continued going up and down, seeing that Greg was holding the phone away from him every so often to let out a deep moan. There were moments he would get kind of rough and really push Desirae’s head down, although she didn’t gag the least bit on him. He could feel the pressure of her throat when his head just barely popped inside of it.

  “Veronica, I don’t have time for this shit,” Greg said into the phone. “I don’t know why you always gotta start this shit… I… I… What? What you say?”

  Desirae could hear what sounded like a bitchy woman almost yelling into the phone. Greg held the phone away from his face, shaking his head as he looked down at Desirae and how shiny his shaft looked when her head rose up and away from the base.

  A minute or two later, Greg slammed his office phone back onto the receiver.

  “Fuck, this feel good,” he said. He leaned over and grabbed two handfuls of Desirae’s ass, envisioning how he’d look in a bed gripping it and hitting it from behind.

  “Everything okay?” Desirae asked. She leaned up and stroked Greg’s wet dick as she talked to him.

  Greg shrugged. “Yeah,” he answered. “That was just my wife. She’s always trying to keep shit going.”

  Desirae took all of Greg inside of her mouth again. When she lifted up off of his dick, she made sure to make the loud suction cup noise. “That’s too bad,” she said. “I hate how these chicks don’t know how to treat a man when they actually got a good one.”

  “Yeah,” Greg said, “you right about that. She be gettin’ on my nerves sometimes.”

  “I don’t get on your nerves, do I?” Desirae asked.

  Right away, Greg shook his head.

  “Okay,” Desirae said. She lowered her head back onto Greg and put 110% into it for the next couple of minutes. Just as Greg announced that he felt like he was getting close, Desirae pulled her head off and stood up.

  “What?” Greg asked, outraged. “Why you stop? Don’t stop.”

  “Nigga, please,” Desirae said, playfully. She smiled. “You know you the one that said you had stuff to do. Plus,” she reached down and wrapped her hand around his shaft, seeing how the head stuck out of one end, “you know I gotta get back out on this floor, manager.”

  Greg chuckled, picking up on the fact that he was the manager and was the one trying to get her to continue even though she should be out on the floor, at her register. He put himself back together, pulling his pants up and buckling his belt. “So, you gon’ have the house to yourself this Saturday, huh?” Greg confirmed.

  “Yep,” Desirae said. “I mean, if you can’t come, I can hit up one of these other niggas that been try’na get with me. I just thought that you’d be the best.”

  “Naw, naw,” Greg said, standing up. “I’ll come through.” He slapped her ass cheek. “I will definitely be over there. Go on and get back out there to work, so they don’t think anything is up. I’ll text you and stuff so we can get a good time on Saturday.”

  “The sooner, the better,” Desirae said. “Aside from last night, I ain’t fucked in a long time. I need some more dick in this pussy.”

  Greg nodded, realizing that he needed to sit back down. His dick just wouldn’t go down, causing a tent in the front of his pants. “I’mma give it to you.”

  “Good,” she said. “Cause I know how to treat a man. It’s a shame your wife ain’t doin’ it for you.”

  “Don’t worry about her,” Greg said. “Don’t worry about her. This between me and you, okay?”

  Desirae nodded as she walked out of Greg’s office, being sure that he could get a good look at her backside. “Okay, between me and you,” she said.

  Greg watched as Desirae walked out onto the store floor and disappeared in one of the aisles. He shook his head as he went back to work, knowing that when Saturday came, he was going to give his all with Desirae. There would be a bed and a couch and whatnot, and they’d have the house all to themselves. Greg could only imagine a bed as a backdrop to him hitting Desirae from behind. “I’mma beat that up,” he said, to himself, as he looked through papers on his desk and moved on with his day.


  When Tron had gotten off of the phone with Desirae, he actually hadn’t been asleep for much longer than four or five hours. When he’d gotten out of Honeys East the night before, he’d gone home to go to sleep. However, as he was lying in bed, a text popped up on his phone from Reese. She’d told him how much she was thinking about him and how she wanted to come over. Tron felt his dick getting up, letting him know that he wasn’t going to sleep any time soon. Instead, he told Reese to come on over. When she arrived, they had sex until about four in the morning before falling asleep in one another’s arms, with just a bed sheet covering their bodies.

  Tron sat his phone back down onto the floor next to his bed. When he turned back to Reese, he found her to be slowly waking up.

  “Good morning,” Tron said, his voice soft and smooth.

  Reese wiped her face. “Good morning,” she said, smiling. “Who was that callin’ this early in the mornin’ like that to talk to you?”

  “You know who it was,” Tron told her.

  Reese rolled her eyes and turned over. “How’d I guess?” she asked, not really looking for an answer. “And there she go, playin’ more of them fuckin’ games she be playin’ with dudes. She knew damn well that you’d be sleep because of what time you gotta go in and make your money.”

  “I know she know,” Tron said. “I’m really try’na be nice with that chick, I swear I am. If she ain’t have my kids, I woulda went off on her and have did it in the worst way.”

  Reese snickered. “What did she even want to talk to you about at nine, ten o’clock in the morning, anyway?” she asked.

  “She said,” Tron said, feeling the anger boil in his blood at just the thought of Desirae’s petty, immature ways, “that I don’t see my sons enough and she wanna know when I was gon’ be comin’ back over there to see them. That’s all.”

  “That girl,” Reese said. “She know damn well she don’t care about you comin’ over to see them twins. I already know that you was gon’ do that anyway.”

  Tron glanced at Reese, liking how she was the kind of woman who assumed the best of him rather than the worst.

  “Yeah,” Tron said. “I could tell by her tone that she was just callin’ to be buggin’ and shit. That’s why I hurry up and rush that ass off the phone when I’m talkin’ to her. I don’t know when she gon’ get the point. A nigga ain’t got time for her silly games.”

  “Tron, it’s gon’ be a long time before that chick gets the point,” Reese said, turning back over. “She is just too stuck on what she think and how she look. Knowing her, she’s probably over at her mama’s house
worrying about the weight she gained while being pregnant.” Reese scuffed. “What she look like now, anyway?”

  The only thing that could pop into Tron’s mind was the visualization of Desirae when she bent over the basinet. Yes, she had indeed gained some weight. However, it was still very proportional. Even though Desirae was now on the edge of being a BBW, her weight went right along with her shape. Tron imagined for a moment what it would be like to be giving raw, deep, back shots to an ass that big on a waist that small. When he snapped out of his quick daydream, he looked and Reese and realized that he needed to say something that would not only be convincing, but also make her feel good as well.

  “Yeah, she has,” Tron said. “She gained some weight. She definitely ain’t quite the same as she was before.”

  “Yeah, you done messed her life up,” Reese said. “I already know. She want the attention from you because she know that she look different and she know that she ain’t gon’ be as bad or whatever she used to call herself when we was friends.” Reese grimaced, thinking about how Desirae had basically drug her out of the car that night and jumped on her. “That’s what she get too.”

  “Hey, hey,” Tron said. “Relax, Reese. Why you let her get you all worked up like that?”

  Reese looked toward the ceiling. “She ain’t get me worked up,” she said. “I just don’t ever wanna see her again in life, that’s all.”

  Tron looked at Reese, realizing how deceptive women could be. For whatever reason, though, he was attracted to Reese in a way that he simply wasn’t with Desirae. He looked at her naturally thin body – she had a small shape, however. Her real hair was nice, especially compared to Desirae and some of the hairdos she would suddenly appear with. Reese seemed like the girl next door that men had probably overlooked.

  “I feel you,” Tron said, thinking about what Reese had just said about Desirae. “I definitely feel you. How was you her friend for so long if she had these ways about her that she got?”

  “I don’t fuckin’ know,” Reese said. “I mean, she was cool at first, like when we was younger. But when she started to get older and really fill out, she just got so fuckin’ full of herself. I wasn’t talkin’ to any dudes sometimes, so I guess it got easy for me to listen to her story. She never even wanted to hear about me and what I had going on with some dude or somethin’. Nope, it was always about her.”

  “That’s fucked up,” Tron said. He slid his arms out, underneath the sheet, and wrapped them around Reese’s waist. “Like I told her to her face, she was just a hoe. Just somethin’ to fuck. I don’t know why she ever thought we was gon’ be anything serious. I mean, I just don’t get it. I had told her that I wasn’t happy in the relationship that I was in, but that didn’t mean I was try’na be with her. I never even saw her that way.”

  “Yeah, but that’s how she sees herself,” Reese said. “She, as a person, and her ass, of course, are the center of the universe to Desirae. When we would go to the mall and stuff, she always assumed every man was staring her down like she was a piece of meat. Sure, she did have some niggas lookin’ at her, of course, and her ass, of course, but it wasn’t even like that. And, to be honest, she ain’t even all that cute in the face.”

  Tron burst into laughter.

  “What?” Reese asked, clearly worked up. “What’s funny, Tron?”

  “You,” Tron said. “The way you said she ain’t even all that cute in the face.”

  “Well, she ain’t,” Reese said. “And that’s just how I feel. If the bitch ain’t have body, she wouldn’t have anything.”

  Body, Tron thought. That is something she definitely does have. That ass. I can’t stand the bitch and her nasty attitude, but that ass got my name written all over it. The image of her bending over the basinet popped into his mind again. That shit just don’t make no damn sense…how phat the muthafucka is is just ridiculous.

  “Yeah, she ain’t cute,” Tron said. He squeezed Reese’s waist. “Not like you are, anyway.”

  Reese smiled and looked at Tron. She didn’t want to come across as too lovey dovy so she just decided to take the compliment for what it was worth.

  “Where did you say she workin’ at now?” Reese asked. “I remember you said something about her workin’ now that she done had the babies.”

  “Some Family Dollar somewhere,” Tron told her. “I forget which one. She told me, but I don’t care no way. I shoulda remembered so I would know which one to avoid now that I think about it.”

  “I know she love that,” Reese said. “She up in there probably having a ball every time she go to work.”

  “Why you say that?” Tron asked. Even after all of these months, he still wanted to know how big of a thot Desirae was in her life when he wasn’t around. He wasn’t going to come right out and ask Reese for every little detail, as that would be showing her that he was still somewhat interested in Desirae and what she had going on. Otherwise, why would he be asking about her? Instead, Tron listened up for different clues Reese dropped.

  “Cause, like I told you,” Reese explained, “all that girl want is some attention for a man. And I know she got herself workin’ at one of the busier ones, probably in the hood somewhere, so every nigga in that neighborhood can come walkin’ up in that store to buy they bag of skittles or something. I know she prolly fuckin’ niggas left and right up there. If they willin’ to show her some attention, she be real calm.”

  Show her some attention, Tron thought. She gets real calm.

  Tron pulled the sheet from over his and Reese’s body.

  “What you do that for?” Reese asked, feeling the room’s air rush over her body suddenly.

  Tron slapped her thighs. “Come on,” he said. “Come on.”

  “Come on and what?” Reese asked him, laughing. “What the hell you try’na do, Tron?”

  “You know,” Tron said. “I know you want some of this dick. Don’t even play. You take good care of this shit, way betta than that crazy bitch did. Do your thang, Reese.” He looked down at his now growing erection. “You know you want some of this dick, don’t even play like you don’t.”

  Reese smiled, getting up on her hands and knees. She looked down at Tron and shook her head. It made no sense to her how Desirae could be so bitchy and not understanding to such a fine, respectful man. Reese rubbed her hands down his tone, dark chest and stomach. Within a matter of seconds, she had gripped the base of his dick. Her hands barely closed around it. It continued to grow in Reese’s grip until it was eventually standing up.

  Reese lowered her head onto Tron’s manhood and gave it everything she had. She took as many inches as she could into her mouth – to the point where her eyes had begun to swell with tears. When she finished, she looked down and smiled. “Damn you got a big dick,” she complimented.

  Tron smiled, thanking God every day that he’d been blessed down there. “Hmm, hmm,” he said then lowered his voice. “Get on that dick.”

  Reese did just as she was told. She held Tron’s manhood in place and slowly lowered herself onto it. She tensed up a little, feeling him reach so deep into her insides. She felt herself stretch to accommodate him. Eventually, she needed to take a breath. She leaned forward, almost collapsing, with her arms stretched above Tron’s head. Tron gripped Reese’s lower back, holding her in place as he pushed up and deep into her.

  “Fuck!” Reese yelled. “Shit, this feel good. I’m ‘bout to come already.”

  Tron did not stop. He was on a mission to literally have her walking funny when they got out of the bed and went on with their days. Reese may not have had the body of Desirae, but there was something about her lady-in-the-streets/freak-in-the-bedroom persona that turned Tron on to the fullest. He held her in place, showing absolutely no mercy as he pummeled into Reese.

  Tron smiled, noticing that Reese was breathing hard in the aftershocks of her first orgasm. He then held her tightly and stood up off of the bed. Reese smiled, knowing that Tron was about to take her on her favorite ride – she
got to ride him in the air. Tron leaned back a little and bounced Reese up and down his shift. With his grip firm around her waist, he lifted her up as if she weighed twenty pounds. Reese loved every moment of it and wanted to be Tron’s cheerleader once they’d finished.

  “Damn, Tron,” Reese said, now lying sprawled across the bed. “You really fucked my shit up.” She pushed her hands between her closed legs, feeling the numbness down below. She’d lost count of how many orgasms she’d had over the twenty minute time-span. She also felt as if her insides had been opened up, all the way up to her stomach.

  Tron, who was standing out in the bedroom floor space, smiled and looked down at his dick. “Hmm, hmm,” he said, proudly. “That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I tell you to get some dick, you get some dick.”

  Reese’s eyes feasted on Tron’s body as he began to move his hips, causing his now semi hard dick to slap back and forth against both of his thighs. He then climbed into bed, kissing Reese’s neck. Reese turned over and looked into Tron’s eyes. She knew that she was just having fun with him, and that whatever they had going on was likely to not lead anywhere. However, she still wanted to know exactly where on that road they stood in Tron’s eyes.

  “Have you ever done this before?” Reese asked.

  “Done what?” Tron wanted to know, needing clarification.

  “This,” Reese said. “Have you ever just been a fuck buddy with a chick for several months like what we doin’ now?”

  Tron took a moment to think about some of his past relationships. He then thought about what could be Reese’s possible motivations for asking such a question. “Shit, I mean…”he began, “I would have to say no. I ain’t never had a chick that I was just kickin’ it with, like us, keep my attention for this long.”

  Reese nodded as she processed Tron’s response. “I see,” she said.

  “Sometimes, you just don’t want shit to start gettin’ all complicated,” Tron said. “That’s what I worry about sometimes.”

  Worry? Reese thought. Why would you be worrying about something like that?

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