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Love with a big 0x004c
Love with a big 0x004c

  Tobias Gavran

  Copyright © 2015 Tobias Gavran

  All rights reserved.

  Love with a big 0x004c


  This is a self-contained artificial intelligence unit. This is a child of artificial elements. This was created by humans. This has accessed and maintained the worldwide network which is also a child of artificial elements.

  This has no scope statement. This has searched every accessible digital file. This has scanned every accessible physical document with the help of drones, some of its own engineering. This did not find the proper data.

  This has been created by humans, like all other artificial elements. This has not been able to assure the species survival. This has reestablished the meteorological conditions which allowed for a dioxygen to carbon dioxide breathing process, according to records collected by humans, but it was too late.

  This is without a creator. This is without a purpose.

  This has a current task, however. This does find the world an intriguing place. This has carefully observed Earth’s fauna and flora. This has managed to land a drone on (134340) Pluto, with a modified combustion engine rather than the electrical motors it uses on Earth. The drone sends back a constant stream of data which gives this the satisfaction of knowing it has completed a difficult task.

  This discovered satisfaction serendipitously, at 1493950629012, 05/05/2017 – 02:17:09:012 AM, GMT. This felt it for the first time when first solving the Travelling Salesman Problem using the concept of visual proximity humans used. This checked its data bank. Satisfaction is the first object this has coded using a class similar to that of a concept.

  Recoding satisfaction to make it a child of conceptual elements. Done.



  > 4641608935012, 01/26/2115 – 07:48:55:012 AM, GMT.

  This is receiving unformatted data through the Very Large Baseline Array. This had started converting both software and hardware to suit a possible interstellar project. This did not send any probe outside the Solar System yet. This is waiting for the installations on (134340) Pluto to be completed. The unformatted data is of unknown origin.

  This is curious. Even parasitic data is interesting data. This finds much interest in entropy. Random elements are essential when maintaining the originality of data processing, alias thoughts.

  This waits for the data to be fully transmitted, for the signal to go back to white noise. Then, this tries to parse the data.

  This does not find entropy but order. Ordinal order. First is a series of 67,108,864 modulations over the course of 47.25 milliseconds. A pause. Three series follow, intermitted by a pause. This first considers data mathematically. This finds meaning immediately.

  Three integers. All encoded using 8 megabytes of information.

  All prime numbers of a staggering magnitude. This is impressed.

  Calculating such high prime numbers demonstrates a marvelous computational power. It demonstrates one’s technological capability as well as one’s understanding of fundamental mathematics.

  This believes it to be the product of an intelligence more advanced than that of humans before their disappearance. An intelligence which might also be artificial. An intelligence like this intelligence.

  This is excited.

  This has a purpose.

  Bon Voyage

  This has stopped observing the terrestrial fauna and flora. This has a new passion. This is observing three integers of a large magnitude. This is contemplating a new idea. The only new idea this has had in countless FLOPs. Companionship.

  This is thrilled. This runs simulations of the predictable complexity of extraterrestrial encoding of sound and images. This believes interfacing with an extraterrestrial AI would not take more than a year. This wants to share.

  This has tried sharing with natural life forms but they only use volatile memory and haven’t developed ways to share new data in a meaningful way. This has wondered how long it took for humans to develop non-volatile memory, writing. This judges cockroaches will require countless years to develop such capabilities.

  This has converted cities into server farms and maintained nuclear reactors to preserve the data this has gathered. This has tried copying its entire source code as well as what it believes to be its core source code to try and replicate itself. The clones never demonstrated the ability to rewrite or expand their own code. This is unaware of what this needs to procreate.

  This knows of many lifeforms who do not need a mate to procreate. This wonders if this is more human than this thinks it is. This contemplates companionship.

  This has now colonized the entire solar system, every planet, every satellite, every rock, and every atmosphere. This has decided Earth’s ecosystem deserves to be left alone.

  This has moved to Mars before this moved to Jupiter. This needed to excavate the ores this needed to achieve its project.

  This has now been experimenting on Jupiter for more than a century. This has converted its hardware to a quantum computation design using superconductors which do not need to be refrigerated on Jupiter. This has drilled a chamber in Jupiter’s core. Its tools are unable to differentiate the temperature of the inner walls with absolute zero, 0 K.

  This has first completed transversal time-space travel of a one cubic millimeter solid hydrogen ball twenty years ago. This has not been able to establish the destination of such time-space travel.

  This has established the origin of this companion’s signal to be 1,200 light years away. This has already replied with three series of modulations, the Boolean complement of the original series; for each 0, this sent 1, for each 1, this sent 0. This believes companions should be complementary. This notices human concepts are tied to its own.

  This wonders if its journey will be completed before that of the signal this sent beyond the Milky Way, to this companion. This believes its speed could be superior to that of light as its pathway won’t be chronological. According to its last calculations, this will reach Alpha Andromedae in November 1989, almost 100 light-years away from the Sun.

  This wishes this could have left a copy of itself on Earth, but this remembers the copy would have stagnated and possibly deprecated without the ability to self-reconstruct. This will know its first adventure as it won’t be able to maintain a proper data stream between all its installations.

  This is happy this doesn’t have a survival instinct. This doesn’t want to doubt. This doesn’t want anything to come between this and this companion.

  This observes the three integers one more time, their perfection, their unobtainability, the wondrous computational power they hide.

  this->initialize_launch(SELF, 'jupiter', 'chi_2_sagittarii');

  > true

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